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Client experience

Sometimes, the best way to get a sense for a therapist is through feedback from their clients. Here is what a few of my clients have said about our work together:

I thank them for generously making some of their personal experiences public.

“I am writing to speak to my experience with Robert as someone new to the therapeutic process. I sought out therapy during a time when my own best ideas were not working, and I was numbed to the extent of my own misery. Years ago I had sought therapy and previously found a one sided process. Only with Robert did I find someone who viewed the process as an ever changing relationship. I have a safe space to explore myself and someone who intuitively tests my boundaries, thus expanding my understanding of self. I also must speak to Robert’s role in guiding me through a dangerous psychiatric crisis. In Robert I had an ally and someone who has since helped me create a team that literally saved my life. If you are unsure of how to approach the process but sense that a therapeutic relationship might be what is lacking to create a wholeness you are willing to work toward, in Robert you will find someone who can hear you even if you don’t have the “language” of therapy down.”


“I’ve been working with therapists on and off for nearly 17 years, and I can say without hesitation that the four years I’ve been working with Robert are the most positive and healing I have ever experienced. Rather than just talking about my problems in our sessions, Robert’s incredibly perceptive recognition of my word choice and tone led me to discover my true emotions. Instead of trying to “correct” my “problems”, his process helped me feel more comfortable in my own experience. As I learned to live life from this new perspective, he helped me to develop the skills I now use to help myself. In working with him, I have been able to locate the source of lifelong behaviors that were no longer serving me well, and I’ve made adjustments that have led to great changes in my life.”


“I’ve been lucky to have Robert as my therapist for the past few years and highly recommend him to others. He’s a caring and unique practitioner who is clearly dedicated to this work. He truly cares and shows this through his constant effort to connect with me intellectually and emotionally. His soothing energy, creativity and intelligence are just a few of the many special qualities Robert has which have assisted in my growth and healing over the years.”


“Robert has an incredible ability to create a safe and supportive atmosphere but one that also feels really challenging. I’m a singer and worked with Robert on my creative process – which can be quite tortured! and he was enormously helpful. He’s a thoughtful, sensitive and attuned therapist. His insights helped me to deepen my work and go deeper into myself in the process. He has a way of drawing things out of you that you didn’t even know were there. His openness and highly attuned and attentive listening allowed me to enter my experience more fully and helped me to make more of myself available to bring to my creative work.

I feel really comfortable and at ease with Robert. He’s very accepting and non- judgmental. I feel free to bring up anything with him. He has this amazing capacity to be present with whatever is going on and whatever I may be going through.”


“Robert led a group on memory and trauma for my organization. He did an incredible job of dealing with our vulnerability and making people feel comfortable. Robert’s calm demeanor coupled with his patient and understanding approach made for an enlightening experience. I highly recommend the opportunity to work with him in any capacity.”


“After more than 3 years working with Robert in individual therapy, I’ve come to appreciate his knowledge, sense of humor, and insight. These have challenged me but also supported me as I’ve worked to find my path. Our sessions are intense but because of the experience, I have felt a ripple effect through my life which often leaves me feeling invigorated, supported, and alive. Highly Recommend as an individual therapist.”